„Vienna wasn't just a city, it was a tone that either one carries forever in one's soul or one does not.“

Sándor Márai

Journey: December 2016 & June 2018

When speaking of Vienna, people always either answered they loved it or they hated it. I haven't met anyone yet who would say he couldn't decide. Vienna makes you feel. It makes you decide whether you love it or hate it within minutes - at least that's what I experienced. I decided to love it. When walking through the city you can almost feel the past times walking with you, old and forgotten stories of emperors and empresses. You walk with one feet in the past and dream of royal courts and horses and carriages.

They say Viennese people are grumpy and don't really like other people - I haven't experienced that during my two trips. Everyone was polite and friendly. Maybe I just didn't meet any Viennese born people. I'd go to Vienna again and I'm pretty sure we will be back this year or next year. Our first trip took us there in december, a short four-day-trip with Christmas markets and decorations. Vienna is beautiful in summer and winter. It was very cold those days so we both caught a very bad cold which made the flight back home very uncomfortable. For musical theater lovers like me I recommend both theaters and everything the Viennese stages bring to life. Back in 2016 we saw an amazing version of "Evita" at the Ronacher. Be sure to book tickets before; the two big productions at Ronacher and Raimund theater are often sold out. Vereinigten Bühnen Wien (VBW) eigentlich durchweg immer großartig.

In 2018 we went to Vienna for a couple of days before going to Budapest which is a great thing to do since the cities are connected by train. Vienna during summer days is almost another city - it's vibrant with life and more relaxed and not as melancholic as it is during dark winter days. The well-known "Prater", a funfair, is visited by tons of people then and the Danube feels different in summer days too. It even features some beaches then.

Oberes Belvedere

Belvedere castle in summer during 36 degrees without the tiniest bit of shadow. Poor gardeners planting new flowers (there are flowers everywhere there!)


Das Panorama vom oberen Bereich aus

Der spektakuläre Brunnen des Belvederes

Wasserspiele findet man quasi überall

Das untere Belvedere

Der Stephansdom

St. Stephen's Cathedral. I've seen more spectacular cathedrals but it's still beautiful and features a lovely Christmas market in winter.

Blumenbeete im Donaupark

We hadn't planned to visit the Danube gardens and got there randomly which I'm very happy about. There weren't any other people although it was a nice and sunny and not too hot day. Don't go up the platform in the middle of the gardens - it's just way too expensive (16 euros in 2018) and you can't take any photos due to grates. Absolutely not worth going up!

Der Garten von Schloss Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn in summer - visit the gardens!

Schönbrunn ist immer gut besucht

Ausblick von der Gloriette

Up in the gardens. Quite exhausting on a hot summer day but worth it.

Schönbrunn im Winter

Schönbrunn in winter with lights and a small Christmas market. Tours inside the palace are absolutely worth it. It takes you back to the time of emperor Franz Josef and his famous wife empress Elisabeth.

Das Riesenrad im Prater im Sommer...

Prater in summer and winter. On sunny summer days it's a great funfair place, on cold winter days almost everything is closed and very creepy once it gets dark... (we almost run, yes)

... und im Winter

Das Hotel Imperial

Hotel Imperial. And no, we did not stay there...

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