High above the coast, watching the different shades of blue

„I live in Mallorca, Spain, and I am not sure there are better places.“

Rafael Nadal

Journey: June 2019

I am not as sure as Rafael Nadal about that but of course Mallorca is absolutely beautiful. As a German, Mallorca has quite a different meaning to me though. For Germans, Mallorca is almost another part of Germany, only located sunny and warm. That's what it has been for years. It's famous for lots of beer, lots of sangria and lots of bad music. For decades, Germans have been going to Mallorca to enjoy the sun, get sun burned, drink even more beer than at home, sing really bad German music and even eat the same food there as they do at home. As I said - a part of Germany with better weather conditions. I feel quite embarrased about that. Mallorquin government is nowadays trying to fix this whole situation and make the island less famous for those things but for the beautiful nature and the historic sites. I really hope this will work but I'm pretty sure they're doing well.

Mallorca is outstandingly beautiful! We went to the Eastern coast, to a hotel near Sa Coma. They had a beautiful beach, you could drive bikes there and enjoy some minigulf and stuff. Unfortunately I am not a someone to sit at a pool all day. I did relax, yes, but I got bored on the third day. Lying at the pool all day and just getting up to eat is just not my thing. So I was happy when we decided to take a coastal road trip with our rental car.

Jenny will ein richtig gutes Foto

Sa Coma

You can find these beaches with rental sunbets all around the coasts of the island.

Of course we went to Palma, crossing the whole island in I think something like 1.5 hours. That's a very amazing thing, since you can do a lot of day-trip tours. The capital is usually crowded with people, even in mid June. It's got a lot of small streets and is very enjoyable to walk around. If you can, go and enter the cathedral; it's beautiful from the inside as well (and very dark, so no good photos).

Die Kathedrale

La Seu

Couldn't decide which photo I liked more.


The luxurious part of the harbour. Wanted to have lunch here but couldn't afford it.

The next day we visited friends of Jenny who were staying in the North. We drove through Alcúdia and Pollenca where we had to stop. The street up to the lighthouse at Cap de Formentor isn't permitted for cars any longer. It's very narrow so two busses can't pass and have to wait at certain points of the street. Not all of the road is surfaced and therefore quite dangerous. The lighthouse itself is pretty and the view stunning. But once you're up there the next bus down goes in one hour and there's not much to do up there. Still worth a trip, just for the view of the sea.

Dieses Blau!

Der Leuchtturm am Cap de Formetor

Der Leuchtturm aus der Nähe

There's a small but expensive cafe up there which didn't even look nice. It's a 100% tourist spot.

Blick vom Leuchtturm auf tiefblaues Wasser

That's the view. I took many of these photos.

Eine Ziege. Die Städter waren entzückt.

You'll find them all around the island. Everyone was waiting for the bus and apparently some of those people had never seen a goat before.

We finally took a big road trip along the coast. Took the Ma-15 to Palma and continued on the Ma-1 to Andratx, then on the Ma-10. The Ma-10 is made for a trip like that. It continues on the Western coastline, going up the the North. There are small parking spots along to get out of the car and take photos and enjoy the view. I highly recommend it. It sometimes takes you off the coast and into the beautiful landscape of the inner island. We passed the small town of Estellencs and had a coffee break with a spectacular view in Banyalbufar.

Estellencs, Serra de Tramuntana.

This is Estellencs. Can anything be more meidterranean?

Kaffee mit Aussicht in Banyalbufar

Coffee with a view.

Mittagszeit in Banyalbufar

Die Straßen von Banyalbufar

Shades of blue

We continued to Valdemossa, a town which is often described as the most beautiful town on the whole island. Therefore it's usually packed with people who come with busses and cars, stroll through the city and leave again. To be honest, we did that to. So yes, it is beautiful but I was a little disappointed, maybe because of the tons of people there.

Touristen in Valdemossa

Mittagessen im Schatten

We ended in Soller and drove back to Sa Coma from there, seeing much of the inner island. We drove past Orient, then Binissalem, Sineu and Arta. If you have the chance, do something like that too, maybe including the south of the island which must be stunning too. There's so much to see and enjoy, far from drinking beer and getting sunburned. It's a truly beautiful island. You may also visit the famous dripstone caves but beware of finding the "right" ones! Jenny and I had been there years ago and were pretty sure we were visiting the ones we had visited then. Unfortunately we went to the wrong ones. There was a lightshow aswell and the caves itself simply stunning but you weren't going through it by boat. Turned out we weren't visiting the "Cuevas del drac" but the "Coves dels Hams". I strongly recommed the first ones down at Porto Cristo! For more information visit their website!

Lichtshow in den Coves dels hams

Beautiful, yes but not as amazing as the "Coves del drac".

Lichtshow in den Coves dels hams


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