Ireland: From Dublin to Tramore

The green coast of Tramore

„I went into an alehouse I used to frequent
And I told the landlady me money was spent
I asked her for credit, she answered me „nay“
„Such a custom as yours I can have every day““

„The Wild Rover“

Journey: September 2016


My favourite trip so far and I am so happy to go through it again and remember every second. I decided to split it into parts and this is the first one. We started our trip to Ireland in Dublin. We had decided to use B&B vouchers to be able to decide where to stay next. Looking back I don't recommend that. We had planned the whole trip as such but turned out it would not always work the way we planned.

Still this is my favourite vacation I have ever spent. We started in Dublin, knowing we would leave the city immediately on the same day and be back at the end of the trip. Picked up our rental car and drove into the first roundabout... on the wrong side of the road, if you ask Germans. I must admit I did not drive a mile there, Jenny did and that means all the way. She got used to it amazingly well after all of us screaming in terror during that very first roundabout (we circled it like ten times before figuring out how to leave).


Our first stop took us to the small city of Kilkenny. We had contacted the B&B owner before so no problem at all. We had a lovely three bed room and a great breakfast! Kilkenny was beautiful. We spent the first day just walking through the town and ended in a pub - of course. First Guinness experience and I loved it! It was the first time we listened to the "wild rover". People - especially the Americans next to us - were wondering why we knew how to clap during the song. Long story short - some very stupid guys used the melody of that song years ago to create a popular German song with the stupiest lyrics ever. All Germans know it though and therefore we also know how to clap. However I'm not too proud of it.

Bunte Häuser in Kilkenny

I immediately fell in love with the colourful houses that are quite common Ireland but you will never see them in Germany.

Eine Brücke in Kilkenny

Die Burg in Kilkenny

Kilkenny castle with its park. Go stroll around.

Kirche von Saint John, Kilkenny

Church of Saint John in Kilkenny. Very different from most German churches.

Butler House, Kilkenny

This is Butler House in Kilkenny. I have to admit I had to google that too. But there's a beautiful park which leads to that house.


A day trip took us to the small town of Waterford. I don't really remember why we went there but we discovered some hidden gems. The city is rather small but features some beautiful houses (nearly every city in Ireland does). We randomly wandered into the Waterford Book Centrewhich is located in an old cinema and had some snacks there. I also recommend the Medieval museum in Waterford. Otherwise you may just walk through the streets and enjoy all the medieval memories this city has to offer (even outside the museum).

Die Straßen von Waterford.

Ein sehr hübscher Pub.


We wanted to see the sea, so we went for the coast. As you can already see most of our trip happened randomly and maybe that was the true magic about it. The weather wasn't great but it wasn't raining, the clouds were dark and heavy. I loved it. We also drove right along the coast, stopping somewhere we couldn't really leave the car but wanted to take photos. Turned out there was a big parking space right around the corner...

Die grüne Küste bei Tramore

Miles and miles of this green coast as far as you can see. That's what's Ireland is about.

Dunkler Strand, dunkle Wolken.

Mein absolutes Lieblingsbild

One of my all-time favourite photos. I didn't really think about it but I liked it so much that I had it printed and hung it on my wall.

Next part: Rock of Cashel to Killarney

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