Gran Canaria

Die Straßen von Puerto de Mogán.

"When you start to look like your passport photo, you should go on holidays."

Ephraim Kishon

Journey: August / September 2020

This quote isn't quite as accurate as it could be but by the end of August 2020 I craved for some days off. My trip to Cuxhaven in July had not changed that. Now that our original trip to the US had been cancelled, we just wanted to go anywhere. It did not matter where actually. I just wanted to leave home and the country for a while, see something different, get rid of offices and colleagues. It was at the beginning of travel restrictions and it actually caught us too. We went there from a monday until thursday the week after and got declared covid risk zone on wednesday before departure. So after landing in Düsseldorf we immediately went to the test center. Luckily all of us were tested negative so it wasn't that bad but a very strange situation.

Why Gran Canaria? Because the canary islands looked quite prepared for covid when we booked in early summer. No high numbers, everything seemed okay. That changed quickly. We went to a hotel were my fellow travelers had traveled to since they were kids. I am not a huge fan of this because I don't like to be the one that doesn't know anything while the others know everything and have seen everything for a hundred times. But it was the only available option there and I just wanted to travel. I did not care much. One should not go there at the end of August anyway due to sand-laden winds coming from the African coast. It was hot and sand basically everywhere. That meant days by the pool which I usually hate (remember the Mallorca posting. This time was different though since we had rented a car for the whole week and a half and therefore could organize pool and car times better. And then again I just needed time off so I really enjoyed pool days too. Plus this hotelwas beautiful and spacious and nobody fought over sunbeds.

We had to wear face masks all day; on our way to the pool, to the restaurant, everywhere. Even outside in the streets, at the beach and in the car although we shared a room where we did not wear them. Every Jenny had to wear one while driving. That was kind of strange and actually a little ridiculous. We drove through mountain ranges and deserted places where we did not meet another soul and yet had to wear face masks. But we got used to it; had brought enough masks and washed them every few days. Travel memories in times of covid. One day our rental car was gone (Jenny had said we may weren't allowed to park there but did so anyway). That led to a tour to the local police station where we had to look for a cashpoint to get our car back. Lost half a day with that. And finally for the first time in my life I saw a thermometer which said 46 degrees celsius outside the car on a calima day up-country. Two days later we drove along for a second time with only 32 degrees this time.


Gran Canaria is a beautiful island and I really enjoyed our time there. We went nearly everywhere! Then again I've seen it now - I probably would not go there again. We may go again for another islands next time.

Der Hotelpool in der Abenddämmerung

Pool & sunset. A beautiful and spacious place!

Der Pool bei Nacht

Pool by night.

Schwarze Palmen vor Abendhimmel

Der Schaum der Wellen am Strand von San Agustín.

Waves at the beach of San Agustín. One of my favourite photos.

Die Wellen brechen sich an den Klippen.

Blick auf die Küste von San Agustín

Das beinahe schon obligatorische Foto von Jenny mit Kamera. Und dieses Mal auch mit Maske.

Every trip features a photo of Jenny taking a photo. This time with face mask.

Sieht ein bisschen aus wie aus "Fluch der Karibik", oder? Tatsächlich ist gleich daneben ein hässliches Hochhaus....

Reminds me of "Pirates of the caribbean". No Johnny Depp here but a big and ugly modern building next to it....

Eine Straße durch die Wüste

Palm trees on the beach and Martian landscape up-country.

Hitze im Landesinneren

Die Calima über dem Landesinneren

This is Calima - a sand-laden wind coming straight from the African coast.

Wälder im Landesinneren

Ein Tal im Sand der Calima

Schroffe Felsformationen

Rugged countryside with narrow streets. But then again Jenny masters all streets.

Sieht fast aus wie ein Gemälde, ist aber ein Foto

Der Krater von Bandama

Caldera of Bandama wasn't as great as it sounded in our traveling guide.

Im felsigen Landesinneren

Über den Wolken

Up in the clouds on the highest mountain, the Pico de Las Nieves. Very windy, very amazing! Pretty cold there too. Worth a visit; luckily there weren't many big tourist bussed when we got there.

Ausblick vom Pico de Las Nieves

In den Straßen von Puerto de Mogán.

The pretty streets of Puerto de Mogán. Favourite part of the journey!

Die Straßen von Puerto de Mogán.

Herrliche Blumengasse in Puerto de Mogán

Die Blumengasse in Puerto de Mogán

If only my street looked like that....

Schöner geht nicht, oder?

Wunderschöne Blumen in Puerto de Mogán

Wunderschöne Blumen in Puerto de Mogán

Most amazing flowers in Puerto de Mogán. One of the most beautiful streets I have ever seen.

Am Strand von Puerto de Mogán.

The beach at Puerto de Mogán.

Liegen am Strand von Puerto de Mogán

Wunderschönes klares Wasser im Hafen von Puerto de Mogán

The harbour od Puerto de Mogán (which of course means 'harbour'). Postcard picture!

Ship-Napping erscheint eine gute Idee...

Jenny versucht sich ebenfalls am Wasserfoto

Im Hafen von Puerto de Mogán

Das Hafengebäude in Puerto de Mogán

Das fast schon kitschige Hafengebäude in Puerto de Mogán

Almost a little too much and cheesy right?

Das klare Wasser im Hafenbecken von Puerto de Mogán

Those colours!

Die Bucht von Mogán

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