„My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest, golden grand piano, my beautiful Castillo…“

George Ezra

Journey: June 2018

From Vienna to Budapest, the second part of my summer vacation 2018 and my first trip to Hungary. I must admit I was disappointed when we arrived at Budapest station - and that's even the wrong term. I felt almost shocked! Everything looked broken and run down, things that had been pretty and glamouros once but that must have been years ago. Time seemed to stand still there, soviet style. It seems to get worse every step away from the Danube. It's so beautiful there but very sad once you leave the river. On our way to the airport on the last day we drove past more run down buildings. It felt quite depressing.

But once you arrive at the Danube, everything is beautiful! And that's the wrong term too because there have been many beautiful places but Budapest around the Danube is outstanding, especially by night! The most prominent photos - of course the parliament at night. Everyone takes it, there are tons of people taking night shots. The parliament itself is an interesting building during day time but add the lights and the reflections of the river at night and it becomes almost magical. It wasn't the best trip though due to one day of food poisoning which forced me to stay in bed all day during 40 degrees outside. I guess you should not eat cheese that wasn't cooled down properly. You may decide on a nicer hotel than we did too. If visiting Budapest I strongly recommend a visit to the parliament (book ticket for the inside tours online before!) and a visit to the "House of terrors" which features a part of history that hunts you. I mean it. The basement sent shivers down my spine and I was glad to see the sun again. Still worth visiting, especially in times of upcoming hatred and terror. It makes you realize how lucky we are today and that we should not risk that. „Haus des Terrors“, welches bedrückend ist, vor allem im Keller. Mehr als bedrückend.

If going to Budapest, go there for maximum 4 days.

Das berühmte Parlamentsgebäude in Budapest

The most prominent building, the parliament. Tours in different languages every 30 minutes I think but you almost won't get tickets there. You better book them online some days before. It's definitely worth it, it has a great interior design and wonderful golden ceilings and entrance hall!

Die Margaretenbrücke in Budapest

Margaret Bridge, not as spactacular as the other bridges but still beautiful.

Blick auf die Donau

Aperol next to the Danube, lavender and a comfortable seating. What more do you need?

Die Kettenbrücke

Széchenyi chain Bridge, my favorite especially at night.

Schiffstour auf der Donau

There are lots of tours by ship. I recommend them too although we had a very noisy family with us who were very rude and kept standing in the way with their selfie sticks. I seriously hate those sticks.

Sonnenuntergang auf der Donau

Budapest bei Nacht

Nights in Budapest are best spent at the Danube.

Budapest bei Nacht

Eine Markthalle in Budapest

A very modern shopping mall next to the Danube.

Das Parlament in Budapest bei Nacht

Author: Julia

Julia ist mittlerweile 32 Jahre alt, lebt im Bergischen Land und reist viel weniger, als sie eigentlich will. Sie isst gern gut, fotografiert sehr gerne und besucht vor allem gerne Gegenden, in denen sie noch nie war. Außerdem findet man sie regelmäßig in Musiktheatern und Handballhallen.

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